Behavioral psychology can transform your horse through natural horsemanship. 80% of horse lovers give up due to fear, frustration and failure. Don't give up. There's a secret to training horses that YOU need to know. "Train your own horse?" That's right! Just like parenting, no matter what your specialty or discipline is, your horse's good behavior is up to you. A calm, connected, responsive and supple horse is the key to a rewarding partnership. Bucking, biting, kicking, rearing, bolting, tension, resistance, fear and frustration are what happens when there's a communication breakdown between horses and humans. When you learn the horse-language of the famous Seven Games, all this changes, because you get to the horse's mind. Use the most powerful and influential horse-psychology program in the world to fix your problems and get the results you want... with a horse that is happy to be your partner!


The Parelli program uses behavioral psychology and teaches powerful horsemanship skills in four important areas: two on the ground (on-line & at liberty) and two when riding (bridle less & contact). It also teaches you to understand the individual nature of horses using the breakthrough concept called "Horsenality". For the first time in history, horses now exist as our companions and partners in fun and sport. Today, we breed better genetics in our horses, have incredible facilities, and expanding choices of events and disciplines, but what has not evolved at the same rate is the way that people train horses. It’s time to up the game and really learn how to use communication, understanding, and psychology to solve problems and bring out the best in your horse. Discover Natural Horsemanship with leaders Linda and Pat Parelli.

Teach your horse good manners, solve your problems and reach your goals using horse psychology with love, language & leadership.

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Study at your own pace from home. Parelli is the leader in education and teaches problem solving techniques that work and improve your relationship with your horse. Parelli Natural Horsemanship provides online members with educational materials, courses, and events. Get online access to digital downloads, DVD,s and video series. Visit one of our Parelli Center locations in Ocala, Florida or the high mountains of Pagosa Springs, Colorado and sign up for hands on learning experiences. Parelli offers events throughout the U.S. and may be traveling to a city near you. Check out our schedule to see if we have an event or clinic that interests you. You may want to visit our online store for event tickets, educational materials, equipment and apparel. Take it to the next level with events, clinics and courses with Parelli Natural Horsemanship.


Expert coaches, Linda and Pat Parelli, share success secrets for all horse lovers, holding nothing back! Learn step by step as a student-member of the most famous, influential and effective horsemanship program in the world. 

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Gorgeous locations, intensive learning, amazing students. Avid students from all over the USA, and the world come to the Parelli epicenter to deepen their knowledge, or become a licensed professional. 

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Study personally in a MasterClass with Pat Parelli and Linda Parelli as they travel the world... and make sure you get to one of their famous events like the Parelli Summit, or inspirational education at demos and expos. Check the schedule!

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  • horses have bloomed into super horses... SUE THOMAS DVM

    In 2005 I decided to try Natural Horsemanship. I chose Parelli because I really liked the way Linda and Pat rode and handled their horses. Wow, did I make the right choice! It has impacted every part of my life with people, and even the dogs and cats in my veterinary clinic. Most importantly my horses have bloomed into super horses. They excel in every situation I present to them. I have more confidence in my riding and abilities to solve problems, and I can communicate more clearly to get the results I want, from simple requests to liberty, flying lead changes and bridle less riding. It's a wonderful program!
  • ...program unlike any other I have seen... Joshua Burke, Parelli Level 4 Graduate, Austria.

    Linda and Pat Parelli have created a horsemanship program unlike any other I have seen. It really teaches you how to get fascinated by horses instead of frustrated because the answer is always in the program and is usually pretty simple and very effective. The Parelli program has taken me to places with horses that I had only dreamed of and my horses are all happy to see me everyday because they are as excited to learn something new, as I am. Whatever you need the Parelli program has it!
  • I follow the philosophy and psychology in everything I do... Cheryl Almasy, Savvy Club Member, Level 3 Parelli Student

    Parelli is my life and has been for 18 years. I follow the philosophy and psychology in everything I do - in work, play, and both human and horse relationships. Parelli has made me a better leader and person, the philosophy, psychology and principles flow over into life styles, family dynamics, and even my marriage! My Parelli horses are my friends, my therapy, my partners in life and in competitions. They better my soul.

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