Have you ever complained about your horse?  I remember when I used to, many years ago (like the 1980s!), but that stopped abruptly the day Pat said to me “Why are you complaining?  Remember you bought him”.

Wow.  I thought about that a lot – I chose him, I bought him, what right did I have to now be complaining about my choice?

And what if the horse was perfect, just right and it was ME who was causing the issues?

Well sure enough, it was me.  The horse was fine until I showed up each day. He wasn’t bolting and scared and tense in his pasture.

As I mature in my teaching, horsemanship and experience I have such a different perspective compared to back then. And now I see my role as more of a counselor, helping people to understand the situation and see things from the horse’s point of view.

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