In my last blog I wrote about solving contact problems through Zero Brace with Lauren’s magnificent Hannoverian, West Point.  Well, during the Performance Summit at our Pagosa campus this past weekend, Lauren offered him to me.  She decided that focusing him on an international dressage career was not the right thing for him, that his baggage was too great.  Even though West Point has come so far these past eighteen months, she just did not feel good that he would be in the ring “because” of her rather than “with” her, as her two mares Maille (Gold medal) and Peanut are.  What a great example she sets of putting the horse first.  I can’t begin to tell you how honored and thrilled I am with the opportunity! 

West Point moved up to my barn about a week before the Summit, so I could start focusing on him more, and he settled in with Remmer and Allure perfectly.  He’s now #2, Remmer is boss and Allure is #3 in the pecking order. It’s been great being able to play with all three horses and progress has been fantastic, so much so that I was able to be in lessons with both Remmer and West Point during the three days that Walter Zettl was here teaching.  It went so well.  In fact, the photo below was taken (by Coco) just moments after flying across the diagonal in this huge trot that I could hardly ride!  That’s why I’m laughing.

Anyway, the plan was to have West Point in my stable until spring next year and then decide what to do – either he’d be good enough to go on for Lauren or sell to someone (natural of course!) interested in competing but not at such a high level, or that I’d fall in love with him and he’d be my next super horse.  Well, last weekend brought it all home very quickly… West Point is now my next super horse.  I can’t believe it, still pinch myself.  I have been dreaming of the day I’d be able to have a horse of this caliber and thanks to Lauren, Pat and our partners, now I do. I remember joking with her when she first showed me the video of him, I said “Lauren, he is spectacular, you have to have him.  If you don’t buy him, I will!”  Funny how things turn out.

I look forward to sharing West Point’s journey and progress with you in the months to come, and for sure you’ll see him at our events.

Remember – zero brace!



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