The Parelli Natural Horsemanship Program (Savvy)

Start fixing your problems and reaching your goals with your horse. No more frustration, no more getting stuck or not knowing what to do! The Parelli Program guides you step by step through four levels of advancement, learning how to use psychology on the ground and in the saddle.

There are so many ways to improve your horsemanship as a member of the Savvy Club, and how good you want to get with horses is up to you. The best part is that you can learn and discover at your own pace and access the Savvy Club resources anywhere: On your desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone! As a member, you have endless advantages – a rich library of videos, articles, magazines… forums, member discounts, activities and support.

Your learning potential is unlimited with the variety of products, materials, courses and events Parelli offers.

Learn about the Parelli program on a personal level and visit one of our Parelli Centers with courses in Florida or Colorado. You may also choose to see Pat or Linda in person at one of our events.

Membership and the program

Linda and Pat Parelli have a proven program that teaches to Savvy horses both on the ground and while riding, and has a pathway to attaining your horsemanship goals by using behavioral psychology that our program was founded on.

The Parelli Savvy Club offers in-depth on-line courses with a level by level, lesson-by-lesson pathway to the Parelli Levels Program. In addition to this powerful tool, you will also have the support of our Learning Library that contains over 20 years of our educational materials archived as well as a worldwide community of support with your own profile, groups, and forums to discuss your progress with like-minded horse-lovers! Test your knowledge and be your best with our Parelli Auditions. Our greatest learning tool to let us see how your doing from with a simple video that you can send in for us to review your progress.

Toll Free: 1-800-642-3335 | Phone: 1-970-731-9400 | Fax: 1-888-731-9722 or 1-970-731-9722
Email: | Hours: 8:00 am–5:30pm Monday–Friday MST

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