...program unlike any other I have seen...

Joshua Burke, Parelli Level 4 Graduate, Austria.
Linda and Pat Parelli have created a horsemanship program unlike any other I have seen. It really teaches you how to get fascinated by horses instead of frustrated because the answer is always in the program and is usually pretty simple and very effective. The Parelli program has taken me to places with horses that I had only dreamed of and my horses are all happy to see me everyday because they are as excited to learn something new, as I am. Whatever you need the Parelli program has it!

...my horses have bloomed into super horses...

In 2005 I decided to try Natural Horsemanship. I chose Parelli because I really liked the way Linda and Pat rode and handled their horses. Wow, did I make the right choice! It has impacted every part of my life with people, and even the dogs and cats in my veterinary clinic. Most importantly my horses have bloomed into super horses. They excel in every situation I present to them. I have more confidence in my riding and abilities to solve problems, and I can communicate more clearly to get the results I want, from simple requests to liberty, flying lead changes and bridle less riding. It’s a wonderful program!

This was one of the best courses I have ever taken...

“This is the best course I have ever taken. Linda is always watching us, helping us, instructing us, and correcting us – Loved this course! I learned lots of new things, instead of “the same ol’ thing”. I loved her simulations – heck this was a GREAT class.”


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