Parelli Success Stories

A resource highlighting the stories of the remarkable impact the Parelli Program has had across disciplines, professions, and performances.






A journey from paralysis to 2 Paralympic medals.

At 22, Lauren Barwick was an able-bodied, athletic young woman. But after a bale of hay fell on her, Lauren awoke to learn that her back was broken and she was a paraplegic. Yet she soon embarked on a grueling journey of rehabilitation and recovery.

A hugely important component of this hope was meeting Linda and Pat Parelli. She credits Parelli Natural Horsemanship with giving her a solid foundation and the competitive edge with which to compete and succeed.


Jesse Peters: Creating lasting partnerships in zoos.

Jesse Peters has spent over a decade teaching the finer points of horse psychology, which is why his collaboration with the Pittsburgh Zoo is not as surprising as it may at first seem. A longtime student and instructor of Parelli Natural Horsemanship, he provides professional guidance to many throughout the zoo – from the corporate level, where he incorporates Parelli’s “Humanality” behavior model in leadership training, to the keepers, trainers, and most importantly, the animals themselves.

Parelli is a people-training program that utilizes horse psychology to help students understand their horses. It has helped hundreds of thousands of students and horses around the world, and with Jesse’s efforts, it is improving the lives of zoo animals as well.

Harriet Laurie

Transforming Prisons with the Parelli Program.

In 2010, Harriet Laurie brought two horses to a correctional facility in the United Kingdom and worked with young offenders for seven days at a time. This was the beginning of The Horse Course. Since then, this program has proven its impact by reducing reoffending rates by 27% and creating life-changing shifts in behavior with at-risk youth.

Harriet credits the development of this program to her own journey with Parelli Natural Horsemanship. Initially, she was struck by the opportunities that Parelli foundations present for self-development; through TheHorseCourse, she is applying the same principles to rehabilitation across the United Kingdom, gaining recognition in the mental health, criminal justice, and parenting & youth services communities.


Walter Gegenschatz is one of Pat Parelli’s top instructors in Europe.
He is a licensed 5 Star Master Instructor and Senior Horse Development Specialist.

Wally shares how Parelli has changed his and his horse’s lives, the partnership needed for showjumping and offers some insight into horse psychology.

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