When your horse does not perform as you hoped, when the dream becomes the nightmare… for you or your horse… it’s not more gadgets and stronger bits that will save you, its MORE SAVVY.
You need to know how to solve your horse’s emotional problems with contact and training.


There’s nothing like the feeling of preparing your horse the days leading up to competition. The grooming, the braiding, the logistics and of course the early morning rise on the day of the show. Yet there’s nothing more frustrating than when it all falls apart…

Have you ever seen someone “training” a horse in preparation for competition and felt relieved that it wasn’t your horse? You may have even wondered if it was training or torture or if they were only getting compliance because of that last injection.

Have you ever wondered if there was a way to train and prepare your horse for every level, that is ethical and effective? A way that will reward you with the satisfaction of sticking to your principals, whether you win a ribbon or not.

The Parelli System will teach you how to create a true, solid, horsemanship foundation that will not only prepare you and your horse for any competitive specialization, but also give you that secret, competitive edge you’ve been looking for!

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