Okay, so I couldn’t help wanting to write about this… and if you are wondering about whether you should read this or not, be warned by the word in the title:  POOP!

I was just outside with our puppy, Moxie, (took her out to pee and poop) and I got really excited to see how nice her poop was! And I subtitled it “the little things” because being a miniature dachshund – and a mini, mini version at that – the poop is very small.  Just so you know that I have a comparative view, some 20 years ago I had four Great Danes!

As I was watching Moxie pooping, it struck me as funny, so I felt compelled to write to you about it.  Here we are working too many hours in the day, dedicated to changing the world for horses and humans, and I’m fixated (and writing) about my miniature dachshund puppy’s quality of poop!

In my mind, and my heart, it reinforced how important the little things really are.  Not only do I have to keep my eye on the big picture, I have to also stay present in order to discover the importance of the little things that happen all the time, every moment, every day.  As I write, right at this moment, Moxie is licking Vinny’s ear after having a big, squealing wrestling match… and he’s loving it.  Love, language and leadership continues to rule!

This is the love part, the bonding part – they sure have battles on the leadership front.  It looks like play but when he makes her squeal I worry about her. Moxie probably weighs a pound and a half and Vinny is a little over ten pounds, but she almost matches him in terms of energy and focus – actually, pound for pound, I think she out-does him. Whenever I worry that Vinny is too rough and pull him away from her, she jumps up and tackles his neck, chomping at him like a piranha – especially on his ears and lips!  It’s amazing to watch these leadership (dominance) games.  I keep warning Vinny to watch out when she’s his age – he’s fourteen months old now and she’s only three months.  He’s going to be in trouble!

By the way, because Pat and I are always scrapping about Moxie’s size and how he thinks she’s going to be way small and I don’t think she’s going to be thatsmall, I came up with an idea to hold a little betting game between us: Guess what Moxie’s height, length and weight will be at fourteen months.

Getting back to the original story (concerning Moxie and her pooping), poop became a really important subject because, when we picked her up it was twenty-four hours before she pooped.  Her eyes were runny, she was all timid, a bit on the thin side (felt like a baby kitten instead of a dog) and I knew that things were not quite right.  Over the next twenty-four hours she ravenously ate four meals… but wasn’t pooping – which is not good, especially with an alimentary canal that short!

So here we are five weeks further down the track: Moxie is now thirteen weeks old.  It took that long for her to start looking stronger (she was always full of energy) and to produce something that looks more like poop vs pudding.  Yich!  I really hope you’re not eating while reading this.  I should also tell you that I credit her for getting me over my fear of poop!

What prompted me to write about this is not just that she pooped outside instead of one of my carpets, (she actually ran insidethe other day to poop!) but that it looked like a nice little real poop.  So, it made me feel successful, valuable to that little life.  I knew she was not one hundred percent when she arrived, and to have made a difference to that little life feels really good.

So, it made me think of how the big things are often disguised in the little things, but how often we don’t relate the two.

So now Vinny is on top of the woodpile with a manic look in his eye, he is filled with purpose and exuberance – finding a mouse would make his day!  He’s determined to find a rodent and Moxie is lying at my feet – cute little RBE that she is. She cares more about having a leader while Vinny (LBE) has other agendas.  And Remmer is craning over the fence sending me strong mental images of me feeding him while Allure is happily grazing.

It’s funny writing to you about my dogs, vs what I’m really known for.  Moxie – your poop was much more than just a poop… it reminded me of how huge the little things really are.



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