Moving cattle, sorting, separating, penning… real ranch work on horseback is an art, originating in Spain and carried forward in the iconic vaquero tradition.

The western sports of cutting, sorting, reining, reined cow horse and ranch horse versatility all share these same roots, but the love of winning has often put a lot of negative pressure on both horses and riders. Things get fast and rough and good horsemanship goes out the window, but Pat will show you how to turn slow and right into fast and right! This is not just about learning the skills it’s also about fun and putting the principles of good horsemanship first.

10 day course topics:

  • Versatility in western and ranch riding
  • Building the bridge from FreeStyle to Western Riding
  • How to prepare on the ground
  • Square turns, roll backs, stops
  • Gathering, herding, sorting, cutting, holding
  • Style & presentation
  • Equipment, Bridle Wisdom
  • Calming a tense horse
  • Improving responsiveness
  • How to practice
  • Common problems to overcome
  • Anatomy of a training session
  • Basic reining patterns
  • Rail work
  • Precision riding
  • Preparing for a show
  • Dealing with nerves
  • Keys to a successful show! (Simulated competition)

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