Cowboy Dressage is growing in popularity because of its horse-friendly approach. It artfully combines precision, grace and obstacles.

Learn how to apply the Parelli Principles and develop your confidence and skills to be able to compete for fun, or success… or both!

Your instructor is a Parelli Professional who is experienced and successful in Cowboy Dressage and can guide you through the preparations and skills required to have fun and achieve success!

10 day course topics:

  • Introduction to the sport
  • Building the bridge from Finesse to Cowboy Dressage
  • How to prepare on the ground
  • Learning the moves
  • Relaxation, suppleness, confidence
  • Precision
  • Rider position and balance
  • Style & Presentation
  • Equipment
  • Calming a tense horse
  • Improving responsiveness
  • How to practice
  • Common problems to overcome
  • Anatomy of a training session
  • Preparing for a show
  • Dealing with nerves
  • Keys to a successful show! (Simulated competition)

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 please contact Gale Weber at 970-731-6177 or


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