with Linda Parelli

Due to the unprecedented success of Linda Parelli’s Happy Horse Clinics, we are excited to offer the 10-Day version! On the last day, everyone said how much they wished this was a much longer course.
10 days gives you the opportunity to explore what it takes to have
a happy horse in every way, and in all Four Savvys.

Get ready to explore horse psychology in order to really understand
what makes horses happy and what you can do to ensure that.

10-day course topics:

  • Exploring horse psychology: Safety, Comfort, Play
  • How horses think, doing what’s important to them
  • Applying psychology when training
  • On Line
  • Liberty
  • FreeStyle
  • Finesse
  • Leadership
  • Rider position, effectiveness in the saddle
  • Goals and strategies
  • Horsenality
  • Fear issues, building confidence in horses
  • Dominance and the importance of yielding
  • How to make everything A Game!

For registration and more information about courses
 please contact Gale Weber at 970-731-6177 or courses@parelli.com.


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