Sometimes it’s really hard.  It’s hard to watch horses being smacked and jerked around, being pulled in the mouth.  It’s hard to witness their emotional confusion, stress and pain. It’s hard not to blame the human, to refrain from saying “they are wrong!”

But sometimes I am there, and I just have to know that somehow, I am part of this.  Part of the problem, and yet part of the solution.  That book “Zero Limits” by Joe Vitale really rubs it in.

These past few weeks I’ve seen more than I care to, and having that exposure presents a choice… criticize and condemn or understand and educate.  I choose the latter.

Sure, it’s hard at times. I get sad and mad, but somehow, I collect myself and stop the judgment.  Somehow it is perfect.  I am renewed with motivation and am more passionate about our cause than ever.

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