When your horse does not perform as you hoped, when the dream becomes the nightmare… for you or your horse… it’s not more gadgets and stronger bits that will save you, its MORE SAVVY.
You need to know how to solve your horse’s emotional problems with contact and training.


Have you always known deep inside, that you could you make it as an equine professional, or have you already become one? Either way, you probably have already come to realize, that to be truly successful, you have be competent in more than just training horses. We have to be great teachers, successful businessmen, professional grade horse husbandry and facility managers.

80% of all equine businesses fail within 2-5 years, regardless of what you’ve won or how many horses you’ve trained.

What’s been missing is a true professional pathway that has been developed by an industry leader, that has become legendary as a horseman, presenter, success coach and businessmen. Pat Parelli offers you the opportunity to study his foundation training program and his full library of educational material developed over 35 years to help become the next successful equine professional.

You Can Do It, We are Here to Help…


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The Complete Education System that will teach you the professional secrets of success to be able train horses that both your customers and their horses will love and respect.


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The Parelli Gold Pro Plan entitles you to inside access to Pat and Linda Parelli through exclusive conference calls, dynamic video conferences and riding and learning directly with the in the Mastery Program.


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