Finesse Training Sequence
Another Breakthrough Concept From Linda Parelli

Precision Riding Made Simple For Both You and Your Horse

Does your horse have trouble with the bit? Does riding with Finesse make you nervous? Does Precision sound boring? Does the arena frighten you with its empty stare?

Making complex things simple is one of Linda Parelli’s many talents, and it’s one she brings to bear in this DVD set. As Linda shows you how to set yourself and your horse up for success, get ready to fall in love with Finesse! Not only is it important for riding with precision, it’s the Savvy that teaches you the most about developing that most prized element of horsemanship: ‘feel’. There are no more secrets between man and horse when you take up the reins. It takes only moments for a horse to know if you know.

2 Discs. Runtime: 3 hours, 9 minutes

On Disc 1, you’ll see Linda ride and explain her revolutionary training sequence. Instead of just picking up the reins, hoping for the best and struggling with the rest, you’ll see how to break things down into simple steps that build to a fantastic finish. On Disc 2, you’ll learn from watching three riders at Levels 3 & 4 – with their horses representing different Horsenalities – being coached through the sequence.

One of the problems with riding with concentrated reins, or ‘contact,’ is that horses easily feel blocked and trapped. Their strides get short and choppy, they come behind the bit, they have trouble going forward, and may even chomp and foam. Worse still, many riders get stiff and lose their smiles. But when you follow Linda’s sequence, the opposite happens – it puts the fun back into Finesse! You learn how to get your horse freely forward, make transitions with just your seat and energy, relieve brace, build suppleness, and develop balance and straightness – not to mention feeling your horse reach for the bit in a desire to hold your hand! Finesse takes your sensitivity for the partnership with your horse to a whole new level.

There are 10 steps in the Finesse Training Sequence. The first six are for Levels 3-4 Finesse, while the final four build to collection. To give you an idea, Contact is #7. No matter how far you want to take this, you’ll establish a fine foundation for Finesse by teaching your horse this simple sequence.

The Finesse Training Sequence

Step 1: Freely Forward

In Step 1, you’ll learn how to help your horse move and think “freely forward” with energy and relaxation. You’ll learn to understand when your horse is moving freely forward, and what that feels like for both you and the horse at the walk, trot and canter.

Step 2: Downward Transitions Without Using the Reins

In Step 2, you’ll learn how to respond to your energy and get downward transitions without using your reins, while helping your horse understand his responsibility to maintain “freely forward” after the transition.

Step 3: Ride the Line

We have a tendency to want to put the horse into a precise frame right away when we start dressage, but if you can direct the nose, you can direct the mind. In Step 3, Linda shows how to isolate precision riding, making it much easier and less stressful.

Step 4: Supple Rein

A lot of horses have brace in different parts of their bodies – sometimes it’s their entire body – and wherever there is a brace in the body, there tends to be a brace in the mind. In Step 4, Linda shows how to help your horse stay balanced while you ride a pattern using the supple rein, which helps get your horse focused, and in turn develops suppleness in the jaw and neck.

Step 5: Carving Turns

Are you having trouble knowing if your horse is straight, and not just on a straight line, but on the circle? Here, through the concept of Carving Turns, you’ll learn how to frame the nose, neck, and shoulder, and discover the power of the outside rein.

Step 6: Leg Yield on the Circle

Each step builds to the next, and in Step 6, you’ll learn how to shape your horse’s body and engage the inside hind leg.

Step 7: Contact

This is where the engagement begins. Contact is more about specialization, and moving into the Game of Contact and the Scale of Training. In Step 7, Linda shows how to bridge that gap between Finesse and specialization by demonstrating how to ask your horse to go into the bit, power up, and engage the hindquarters.

Step 8: Random Patterns

When we start to practice precision riding, we tend to become boring, and our horses can get dull. In Step 8, you’ll see how random patters can make it simple and less stressful for your horse when putting all of the steps together to keep it interesting.

Step 9: Lateral Movements

In Step 9, Linda demonstrates lateral movements such as Shoulder In, and Haunches In, and shows how to keep it simple for your horse.

Step 10: Collecting Exercises

Step 10 introduces Collecting Exercises. Here, Linda shows how you can combine the last four steps, and how lengthening and shortening your horse can help him become more active and more engaged in the hind end.

Rider Testimonials – Hear What Micaela and Ryan Had to Say About Their Experience

Micaela Love
The Finesse Training Sequence is something that has been evolving since I started riding with Linda back in 2013. Being on the ground floor as Linda meticulously developed each step and used us as her guinea pigs was a priceless experience!

As a customer and student, you should know that Linda’s heart – and many sleepless nights – went into shaping this concept into the powerful and yet achievable sequence you will see in this product.

I truly believe that this is the “missing link” that will now help riders bridge the gap between FreeStyle and Finesse, simultaneously filling in the hole that swallows so many of our students’ confidence around precision riding. Linda is constantly striving to educate us in the clearest and most effective way possible. This sequence breaks down the big picture of Finesse and offers it in bite-size pieces of information for both the rider and the horse!


Ryan Pfouts

The Finesse Training Sequence is a step-by-step sequence that helps you and your horse to be properly prepared through your journey of Finesse. I would always struggle with formulating a plan for the next session, because I really didn’t know what I was looking for. Now, with the Finesse Training Sequence, I can continue to have a plan with simple, understandable outcomes that can help me continue to be the best leader I can be in the saddle. The Finesse Training Sequence seems to be the perfect bridge from riding with Soft Touch in the Level 4 Finesse Program, to developing the powerful contact and collection you gain from the Game of Contact. The Finesse Training Sequence develops suppleness in the horse mentally, emotionally, and physically, so as you start to advance your level of riding with contact/Finesse, your horse feels safe and confident with the bit and contact.

The other beautiful part of the Finesse Training Sequence is how it is truly an extension of The Parelli Program. The sequence is laid out and taught in such a way that you continue to use psychology so that the horse is truly participating and learning from the experience. The exercises expand upon the idea of giving the horse responsibilities and the horses simply just start moving with more rhythm and relaxation naturally, because you’re still playing with the horse, just from their back!

Finesse Quadrille Inspirational Minute

Be inspired by 20 of our Parelli Professionals performing a quadrille for Dressage Master Walter Zettl.

What People Are Saying About Finesse Training Sequence with Linda Parelli

“AAAhhhhhhAAAA! Relaxation WITH energy! I’ve just learned I’m “quitting” to soon… At the first or second blow out… But, now I’ll looking for the neck lowered “even” more…AND they keep the relaxed moving forward (not quitting) energy! Super! Thank you!”

“Simply brilliant. I’ve been stuck for years and now Level 4 Finesse is in my sights. Thank you Linda!”

“What Linda has learned as a rider and trainer in her intensive studies with some of the top trainers and riders in the world, she has broken down into pieces that even I can learn.”

“My horse hated the bit… I was scared to use a bit. I even thought bits were bad! The Sequence helped me realize that its not bits that are bad, it was my hands 🙁 But now I have the keys for ‘holding hands’ with my horse, via the bit. I love how Linda says that. Its given me a whole new attitude and respect for how much better I need to be for my horse. I want her to be happy!”

“I am just blown away by the changes in my horse. We used to have SO much trouble with Finesse and the way Linda has set this up has not just made us succeed, its put the fun back for me”

“Thanks you sooooo much Linda for staying progressive yet keeping it simple for us mere mortals! This is just awesome information!”

“Wow! This really makes the “picture” clearer! :)”

“The Finesse Training Sequence is a must for anyone who wants to be a good rider, a sensitive trainer, a real horseman… of any discipline, and especially if you want to teach your horse using psychology instead of force.”

“My dream is to compete in dressage again. This has given me the keys.”

“Jumping is my thing, I always hated dressage! But I knew it was an important thing for the proper training of my horse. Thanks to the Sequence I actually am loving it and my horse has never been better.”

“Absolutely brilliant Linda!!! Thank you so much for giving us the tools to explore and take our finesse to the next level and bridge us so simply to dressage. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!”