Dressage is something I became passionate about when my thoroughbred, who I wanted to event, was too crazy to jump, but the behavioral problems and difficulties with my horse continued to sabotage my progress. I literally made little to no progress, despite the fact that I was having dressage lessons 2 – 5 days per week.

I learned a lot about dressage over those two frustrating years, but what I could physically do with my horse was disappointingly close to nothing. That’s how I ended up at a clinic with Pat Parelli in 1989… well, mainly because people started telling me to sell my horse to a man, or have him put down.

I was in total despair. It was really upsetting to think that my horse didn’t like dressage and the idea of selling him – let alone having him destroyed – was devastating.

I had no idea who Pat Parelli was, but when he started talking about how horses think and what’s important to them, I realized I was missing a huge piece of the puzzle that lay at the very root of my issues with my horse, Regalo. These were not dressage problems they were psychology issues! My horse didn’t hate dressage, he didn’t understand the purpose and couldn’t connect to my goal.

You say the words ‘horse psychology’ and nobody really knows what that means. People study human psychology to better understand people… and in this case it is to better understand horses, and to be understood by the horse. Confusion and misunderstandings are at the root of almost every negative horse-human experience, which is why a few innovative keys can completely revolutionize results.

There are many studies on horse behavior and how horses relate to each other, but Parelli is the study of horse-human relationships. At The Two Worlds Together – Dressage Summit you will learn how to solve problems using horse psychology so you can DO the sport you love and have your horse love it too.

From a horse-psychology perspective, you’re going to learn:
• Why your horse is tense, spooky and fizzy, and how to fix it.
• Why your horse is lazy, argumentative or unmotivated, and how to fix it.
• What makes horses unhappy, and how to make sure they are happy.
And, from a dressage perspective, you’re going to learn:
• How important the gymnastic part of training horses is for maintaining a healthy body, as well as beautifying the movements.
• How to keep your horse interested in the training, motivated and fresh.
• How the Parelli Seven Games contributes to proper gymnastics.
• How important good riding is – for any horse!
• How to ride dressage in a way that maintains the goals of a Happy Athlete.
… at every level, from training to Grand Prix.

This is how horse psychology and dressage come together. It helps you solve problems, so you can do dressage, with a happy horse. When you ride the mind, you win their heart.

My driving passion and inspiration for this event are to bring you the top-level information and guidance I have been very lucky to have. Come to The Two Worlds Together – Dressage Summit so you can learn how to do this too!
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The Two Worlds Together – Dressage Summit is not your normal dressage clinic. It is a symposium of fascinating and revealing presentations featuring riders and horses of all levels.

It is three days of ground-breaking information, discovery, and collaboration featuring experts in the worlds of horse psychology and dressage.
• International Judge, Christoph Hess, has been coaching Linda for over five years now and is fascinated by her horse’s willingness to learn and ease of training although Hot Jazz, by nature, is a sensitive, nervous and shy horse.
• Two-time Olympian, Chef d’quip and top Spanish trainer, Luis Lucio, has studied and used the Parelli approach for training the mental-emotional part of the horse since 2000. His insights and results are revolutionary and are proven visibly with the help of the innovative use of a heart rate device.
• International equine psychology expert, Pat Parelli, solves some of the most complex problems with horses, of any breed, in all disciplines from recreational to Olympic level. He is world-renowned for teaching people how to do this themselves.
• International equine psychology educator and aspiring dressage rider, Linda Parelli, is the driving force behind bringing these two worlds together. She fearlessly exposes her own learning journey in dressage and openly shares her discoveries to make combining psychology and dressage easy to understand and apply.

The Two Worlds Together – Dressage Summit is an event for riders of all levels who love their horse, love dressage and want to be part of an important movement to improve the lives of horses and the enjoyment of their performance in partnerships with people.

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