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Allure Breakthrough

I cannot wait to play with Allure today!  Do you know why?  …Because I had a super breakthrough with him over the weekend.  He has been such a challenge for me over the years and I’ve learned so much from him as a result and while things are going super on the ground, riding has still been a challenge.  He’s naughty and very athletic, and he gets scared if you correct him.  That’s been an interesting combo! 

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Emotional Fitness

So here we were in lovely, sunny Sydney preparing for our event one weekend at Horse World.  On the flight, as we flew over Noumena, the air got pretty bumpy… some of the worst turbulence we’ve experienced in the last twenty years of flying all over the world.  Some years ago, this would have scared me pretty badly but as I sat there bumping around for a good thirty minutes and more, it suddenly dawned on me that I was fine!

Why was I fine? How did I suddenly get so emotionally fit in an airplane?  I trained my brain.

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Longeing vs Playing

Something is happening with Parelli students all over the world that is a bit concerning and compelled me to write this blog.   I need to clearly explain the difference between longeing and playing with your horse… because I’m seeing the Circling Game turning into longeing!

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What are you rewarding?

Safety is of primary importance to horses, its how they’ve survived for millions of years.  They act now, ask questions later.  As prey animals, and herd animals, they have a genetic pre-conditioning that makes them wary of their environment, of sudden noises or movements, and they are naturally suspicious of animals who don’t belong to their herd – of any shape or creed, including other horses!

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Reverse Psychology

I remember when Pat first talked about using ‘reverse psychology’ with horses, that the less direct-line you are with a horse the more progress you make. I really thought I understood what he was talking about until I started performing in public demonstrations with him. We would each be given a horse that had various issues including trailer-loading problems, and within 90 minutes to 2 hours we would have the horses calmly negotiating various obstacles and loading willingly into the trailer.

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Horsenality is NOT an Excuse!

Okay, so the reason for this blog is that I keep hearing this comment… “People are using Horsenality as an excuse – ‘I can’t ask my horse to do this, he’s an introvert’;  ‘She’ll always be crabby and bitchy, she’s LBE!’”

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The Road Less Traveled

If you ever want to really put your principles to the test, accept an invitation to compete against two established winners, in a totally foreign environment, have the audience be a volatile mix of dedicated students and detractors, and now not only be riding a three year old colt for the first time within two sessions, but ride it through an unfamiliar course of obstacles… oh, and know that the world is watching to see how Parelli principles stack up in the “real world” of horse training!

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Calm – Connected – Responsive Parelli Natural Horsemanship, Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Something that Pat Parelli does is get right to the point.  He knows exactly what the horse needs in order to become calm, connected and responsive… it’s only the secret of horsemanship!  So as I come back into the teaching arena, more and more I can see where this secret has stayed with Pat but needs to get out to all of you, so that’s my job.

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The Story Never Grows Old

For almost 30 years, all over the world, my husband Pat Parelli and I have been passionately sharing our message of Love, Language & Leadership when it comes to training horses. In thousands of demonstrations, I was often on first – as an introduction, and I would tell my story… the difficult horse I didn’t want to give up on, even though professionals told me I was crazy.

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