Wow, it’s been three weeks since we left, crisscrossing the country before flying to Spain and then the UK.  I’m busy playing ‘catch up’ because that’s a long time to be away, so I’ll take more time this weekend and tell you more about my time with Luis Lucio in Spain, I learned some wonderful things concerning Principle #7 “Horses Teach Riders” because Luis had me ride five of his horses in training and as always, our conversations are rabid!

But back on a personal note, coming home to the dogs was great.  I was a bit concerned that having only had Moxie for two weeks before we left for three, might mean that she would just treat me like everybody else.  I knew she would know me, but… well, you know how we can think sometimes!

We arrived rather late and Ann Kiser (Campus Chief of Staff and official nanny for Moxie and Vinny when we go away!) was outside with the dogs enjoying the lovely Pagosa evening.  As we walked into the house Vinny ran in all happy to see us, but Moxie started barking and was hanging back a little.  As soon as she heard my voice she came tearing over, excited beyond self-control and trying to climb up my legs.  So cute!!  She didn’t stop wiggling with joy and now she won’t let me out of her sight.

The first thing we noticed is how much she’s grown, which Ann couldn’t really tell because she’s been with her every day. Her nose has grown about 1/4 inch and her body is longer, she’s starting to look like a dachshund.  And she is feistier than ever, her play drive is higher than Vinny’s!  As I write she’s stretched out on the couch next to me and Vinny is up on the back of it, keeping an eye on the garden for rodents.

Vinny has become quite the hunter.  Yesterday he caught a mouse and crunched on the whole thing for lunch – it was gone in about twenty seconds, yich.  It’s amazing to watch that instinct developing in him. He’s a lot of dog, dachshunds were originally bred to hunt badgers (not the miniatures, but the instincts are the same) and hunting is now part of his every day ‘duty’ although he doesn’t always catch something.  When I went to feed my horses this morning he almost caught a squirrel in my feed room! It was just about as big as him but that didn’t deter him at all – and it was about twice the size of Moxy.  It ran right past her, out from under the feed bin with Vinny in hot pursuit, although he couldn’t fit under there – lucky for the squirrel!

Nature is sure a powerful force.  It makes me think about our horses and what they’re bred for and how strong the need in them can be to fulfill that desire… and this is over and above their horsenality.  More musings on that too at another time.

Yours naturally,


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