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Are You Treating Your Horse Like An Idiot?

Have you ever had your manager, spouse, friend, partner, parent, teacher make you feel like you’re an idiot? 

If you’re a student of personal development, or you have a Left Brain (LB) Humanality… then you know that you are in control of that… that you won’t be defeated by that… but step into the shoes of your horse for a moment and walk a mile or a minute in your horse’s horseshoes. If you made your horse feel like an idiot, like any human… he has a choice: suffer or revolt!

What makes your horse feel like an idiot? Normal vs Natural – show how that happens “doing natural” but thinking you are not doing normal:

Longeing.  Not a game.  No say. Be a puppet… etc.

Draw reins, side reins, physical manipulation, lack of choice, etc.

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