Do you ever think about this?  I do all the time – well, I really only think about it once I cross the line!  Up until then I think I’m doing fine.

But seriously, this is the quest of all great horsemen… to figure out that balance.  Actually, it’s to figure out how not to cross that line – to not be so careful and slow that you become boring, and to not be so progressive and creative that you blow them up… but sometimes you only know where the line is once you cross it.

Here are some quotes I really love and that guide me every day:

“Be ready to trust and ready to correct, not more one than the other.” Pat Parelli

“Provocative and progressive.”  Pat Parelli

“Go to the limit, but not over the limit.”  Walter Zettl

“Take the time it takes so it takes less time.”  Pat Parelli

“Adjust to fit the situation” Ray Hunt

“Bring out the best in my horse.  Be the best “we” we can be.”  Linda Parelli

“Calm, Connected, Responsive… a great balancer.”  Linda Parelli

So, my message in this short blog is to become more aware.  To be okay in making mistakes.  To keep trying to be better.  To be addicted to never ending self-improvement.


PS Maybe “’we’ we” was not the best prose.  Haha. Guess my Humanality 😉

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