SEPTEMBER 6-8, 2019
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The Parelli Summit always features our latest breakthroughs and ground-breaking information. Come join us at our home in the beautiful Pagosa Springs mountains… expand your knowledge, get more savvy, be inspired, and keep your horse passion ALIVE & GROWING!


The Parelli Savvy Summit takes place in September at the Parelli campus in beautiful Pagosa Springs, Colorado. This amazing three-day event will feature engaging educational sessions from Pat and Linda Parelli, special guest performances by licensed Parelli Professionals and other respected horsemen and women from throughout the industry.

The Savvy Summit has educational seminars, vendors booths on site selling tack, accessories, collectibles, food, and beverages.

Parelli will host a barbeque and dance. The entire weekend is jammed packed with food, fun, entertainment and of course HORSES!!

Hundreds of people from the Parelli Community travel each year to attend this amazing weekend event.

Our Invitation to You

Every year, passionate and dedicated Parelli students make their way to Colorado for the annual Savvy Summit.
Here is where you see what Pat and Linda have to offer. You will see for their latest breakthroughs, their top students, and their superstar horses.
Here is where you take your learning to a new level. Dream big! You can do it and we can help. Take your connections from just friends and join your new horse family.

“This is our home and we love having you here! Come join us for an amazing weekend loving horses, learning how to be better for them, connecting with people as passionate as you about making this a better world for horses… one owner, one rider, one horseman at a time. We’re changing the horse world, now we just need to keep getting better!”

~ Pat & Linda


Each of the exciting subjects we present each day will focus on how to get to your horse’s mind, to truly understand horse behavior and fulfill their needs as they fulfill ours.

Get ready for inspiring and educational sessions, and powerful take-home strategies you can put to use right away to solve problems and advance your results. Pat & Linda have been preparing their top horses & students to deliver a big dose of WOW and HOW. It’s time to get to more than just your horse’s feet… Learn how to get to your horse’s mind!

In addition to the daily Summit Educational program, there will be breakout sessions, fun, food, friends, and shopping!

2019 Savvy Summit Schedule

Doors open at 8:00am
Show times: Fri/Sat 9:00am – 5:00pm  •  Sunday 9:00am – 3:00pm
Saturday Evening Dance and Music with Tim Sullivan – 7:30pm – 10:00pm

DAY 1 

Friday, September 6th.


When Good Horses Go Bad – Pat Parelli

Some people can drive any horse wild, but there are really only three reasons horses have trouble with humans: Fear, Dominance, or Confusion. How can you bring out the best in your horse instead of the worst?

With the help of some “interesting” horses, join Pat in an exploration of what it takes to prevent problems, fix them yourself, and also know when you should ask for help.

How Do You Know If Your Horse Is Happy? – Linda Parelli

We want our horses to be happy, but how do we know if they really are? We have to be able to read our horses more accurately, and at a deeper level because it’s their primary needs that need to be fulfilled: Safety, Comfort and Play.

What does each of those mean to a horse? Are we really fulfilling them? What about the different Horsenalities… do LB horses feel safer than RB horses? Are they more interested in comfort? And what about play… how can we constructively play with our LBE’s, and will RBIs ever want to play?

Is My Horse Really My Mirror? – Linda Parelli, Dr. Patrick Handley

How horse behavior affects human behavior, logic, and leadership… and vice versa!

Dr. Patrick Handley and Linda Parelli lead a fascinating look at the horse-human relationship through the lens of their breakthrough model of Horsenality and Humanality. Explore the leadership priorities for each Humanality – like how to keep it together when your horse (your opposite!) challenges you!

Learn how to recognize and overcome the triggers, reactions, and tendencies for both horse and human. And let’s have some revealing fun when we put extroverts with introverts… and introverts with extroverts!


Saturday, September 7th.

Do You Know How To Read… A Horse? – Pat Parelli

Do you know what your horse is thinking? Do you know what he is going to do… or apt to do in any given moment?

In this fascinating session, Pat shares his insights on reading a horse’s body language and nuances and introduces his powerful concept to teach us the proper timing – when to ask, when not to, when to approach, when to retreat, when to progress, when to stay put, and more.

The Seven Games Goals: How to make it a Game! – Linda Parelli

Does your horse know the purpose of the Seven Games?

Get ready for Linda’s latest breakthrough: Teaching the GOALs of the Seven Games… for the horse!

When your horse understands the goal of each of the games (on the ground and in the saddle), the results are transformational – for both you and your horse. Experience a whole new level of responsiveness, enthusiasm and mental engagement from your horse. Stop “going up your phases.” Start giving your horse a reason to respond!

Herd Dynamics – Horse Politics and You! – Pat Parelli

Most horse-owners don’t get to study horse behavior in the wild, and most domesticated horses live alone or in herds that have been put together by humans – without mixed genders, stallions or foals.

What do horses learn by being in these mixed groups that humans need to both understand and provide? What is your role as the herd leader – even if it is just in your herd of two? How do horses really perceive humans? What are horses saying behind your back and to your face?! How can you stay out of politics and keep the natural order of things?

You’re in for a fun and informative session watching horses interacting together… with Pat Parelli as your interpreter!


Sunday, September 8th.

How to use Psychology in Finesse – Linda Parelli

It is almost impossible to believe that riding with contact, with concentrated reins, doing precise maneuvers with your horse’s body properly shaped and collected… can be done without micromanaging the horse’s every step! But… “The more you use your reins, the less they use their brains.”

How do you use psychology in Finesse? How do you get to the horse’s mind and not just his body? How does the rider guide their horse without moving the reins or their legs? More importantly, how does your horse know that the goal is collection?

Discover a new level of harmony and partnership, and have your horse look forward to finesse!

Get To – Got to – Want To! – Pat Parelli

Are you at the mercy of your horse? Are you paralyzed by love? Are you begging, pleading or negotiating with your horse? Is your horse putting less effort into the partnership than you? Are you still struggling with problems in your everyday interactions with your horse?

What are the things in life that your horse has GOT to do – Vet, farrier, trailer load, respect your space, yield, etc.… and the things your horse GETS to do – treats, have fun, play… and WANTS to do with and for you…?

In this revealing session, Pat takes us on an interesting examination of the weird and wonderful and often highly conditional relationships we have with our horses!

His straight forward “Get To – Got To” perspective will help you have a clearer perspective on how to use horse psychology and behavior for a more positive and mutually rewarding relationship.

What People are Saying

“Planned our vacation around the Summit”

“Planned our vacation to the four corners area around the Summit. So excited that I finally get to attend the Summit. Can’t wait!”


“Like a reunion of friends”

“Can’t wait! Not only is it great learning, but it also becomes a
Reunion for me and my Parelli friends!”


“I can’t wait!”

“I can’t wait. I’ve never been to the campus so will be a fun experience. Plus I need some relaxation time”


“Learning a lot”

“Having an awesome time learning new things I did not know.”


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