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Let’s take a look at all of the amazing resources and benefits you will gain from the Savvy Club as
you deepen your relationship with your horse, make new friends and ride with Savvy…

You’ll enjoy broadcast-quality videos on your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone! These videos will bring private lessons from Pat, Linda, and the faculty right into your home or barn. You’ll get the very latest techniques, games, and discoveries direct from the Parelli Centers around the world, plus leading-edge information and education on behavioral psychology, problem-solving, key horsemanship issues, tips, games, and much more! These videos will take you up close and personal with Parelli, with motivational success stories and case histories from students just like you. We are focusing on creating practical, instructional video clips that are 3-8 minutes long, so they are easy to view (on all platforms), get straight to the heart of the subject, and are supported in the mini vault by as many as 10 additional articles and videos, allowing you to get more in-depth information if you want it!

12 INTERACTIVE SAVVY MAGAZINES You’ll stay up to date with all the latest Parelli breakthroughs, and enjoy stunning photography and embedded videos of horses and personalities from around the world, along with in-depth articles on how to train your horse, with intuitive illustrations to make the concepts easy to understand. These monthly magazines will also feature new concepts and techniques, special guest articles, and interviews with Pat, Linda, the faculty, Olympic stars, guest instructors, members, and other top trainers. With each exciting issue, you’ll dive deep into the Parelli philosophy while staying motivated and connected to the world’s friendliest horse community!

ANNUAL SAVVY CLUB PRINTED JOURNAL – This will be one journal you will cherish forever. It recognizes member activities and achievements over the year in their community, Parelli Games, Levels, Instructor status, Ambassadors and much more.

NEW PARELLI ACHIEVEMENT BADGE PROGRAM – This exciting new program allows you to track your progress in over 50 different ways to reward and document your achievements with your horse. Includes one free achievement badge and certification monthly with a Bronze Membership.

25% MEMBER ONLY SAVINGS – on all courses and events, along with members-only FLASH SALES, during which you can save up to 50% on Parelli products!

We have invested over a million dollars in the very latest technology, so you can unlock the secrets you need, whenever you need them! Pat and Linda have designed a new structured curriculum that leads you step-by-step through a journey of information and discovery to train your horse using behavioral psychology. Our new structured content release of videos and articles provides you with a clear path without the need to search through piles of information.

Meanwhile, the Savvy Club Digital Vault is still jam-packed full of the world’s best information for riders, horses, performance, and problem-solving. You’ll find exactly what you are looking for, with amazing video instruction, thousands of written articles, quick tips, self-assessment checklists, Q&As, interviews, eNews archives, and a searchable knowledge base that makes finding what you need astonishingly quick and easy!

A GLOBAL MEMBER NETWORK – with events, member activities, forums, study groups, ambassadors, and licensed Parelli Professionals! Be a part of a community of horse lovers, seeking to be the best they can be for their horses. Ask questions, post comments, leave feedback, and get involved in the world’s foremost horse community – a community without walls that embraces all styles, all disciplines, and all breeds for the greater good of horses and riders. Make new friends, have fun with old friends, and bring out the best in your horse!

WEEKLY MEMBER MINUTE – Take a minute or two every week to be inspired! We’d like to make sure you stay motivated and progressive with your horse, so every week we’re going send you an email to inspire or educate you… a short video clip, a blog, a thought, a tip… that takes you only a minute or two to watch or read. Enhance your relationship with your horse… watch your InBox every Friday for your Member Minute!

All for just $19.95 a month! That’s just 65 cents a day for world-class instruction, education and community that will help you make a profound difference in the results and relationship with your horse.

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