2014 Parelli Press Release

Parelli Natural Horsemanship Releases The Scale of Training in Action
Christoph Hess coaches students and world-class equestrians through Classical Training Scale

Pagosa Springs, CO (June 27, 2014) – Parelli Natural Horsemanship has expanded upon its successful Scale of Training DVD series with The Scale of Training in Action. Christoph Hess, acclaimed FEI dressage judge and official trainer for the German FN, has teamed up with natural horsemanship expert Linda Parelli to display the Classical Training Scale (Rhythm, Relaxation, Contact, Impulsion, Straightness and Collection) in “action,” using common training conditions and situations.

The Scale of Training in Action features Christoph coaching four riders of various disciplines through the Training Scale. Liz Jones, Tik Maynard, Linda Parelli, and Mette Larsen each partake in two lessons with Christoph, each demonstrating near-immediate improvements in their riding and connection. Additionally, Christoph is joined by Linda Parelli for breakaway sessions that address the importance of horse psychology and how it can be applied to a Classical Training Scale foundation, regardless of discipline.

Tik Maynard had this to say regarding his lesson: “Christoph Hess makes dressage fun for horses and riders, and natural horsemanship makes each lesson thoughtful and empathetic. What more could you ask for? Simply that we do it again next year!”

Hess also commented on the success of the lessons with the students and the importance of the Classical Training Scale: “In my point of view, the training scale is a proper guidance for schooling and training a horse. Horses that are trained strictly in the proper training scale are ridden correctly in the sense of biomechanics, are matured within their personality, and fulfill the required tasks with joy, good elasticity, and economics in movement. I wish that – as much as is possible – horse riders and trainers stick to the criteria of the training scale, completely independent of their personal level and their objectives.”

The Scale of Training in Action will retail for $199.95, with a Parelli Savvy Club Member price of $149.95. Introductory prices will be available when the product is released in mid-summer 2014. To discover more about the Scale of Training products, please visit shop.localhost or call us at 855-PARELLI.

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