Savvy Club Inside Access DVD – Featured Student

How To Submit Your Video

To participate in the Savvy Club Featured Student segment, please read and follow these video submission guidelines:

  • Submit your Featured Student video to insideaccess@localhost and include the subject header “Featured Student” in the email. Be sure to make these videos “Public,” or we won’t be able to see them!
  • Your video should be no longer than 7 minutes.
  • Include the following information in the content of your video:
    • Your name
    • Your occupation
    • Where you live
    • Current Parelli level
    • Horse’s name
    • Horse’s breed
    • How long you have been doing the Parelli Program together
    • What you are going to show or demonstrate to us
    • The biggest challenge or obstacle you’ve faced together
    • The most rewarding experience you’ve had with your horse
    • The most rewarding experience you’ve had as a horseman
    • Where members can find you on Parelli Connect (your name, essentially, unless you use a different username on Connect)


  • Have clear audio without wind or loud noises in the background.
  • Have the microphone close to the person speaking.
  • Please do NOT add music to your video.


  • Plan your shoot.
  • HD video is preferred, but not necessary. iPhone video is OK, but not ideal.
  • Please keep yourself within a close range of the camera so we can see you and your horse’s expressions.
  • Use manual focus if possible.
  • When shooting outdoors, keep the sun behind the camera operator.
  • Please use a tripod so the camera doesn’t shake.
  • Keeps zooms or panning slow and smooth rather than fast or jumpy.

Have fun and remember to smile!