2013 Parelli Press Release

Love is in the Air, and Your Perfect Match is Waiting…Right in his Stall!
He’s always there for you. He’s tall, dark and handsome. He’s an incredible listener, and he’s always so appreciative when you bring him his dinner. He never talks back, ignores you, or bores you to tears with endless tales of his high school football glories.

He’s the one for you, and you’re the one for him. You truly are a perfect match.

He is, of course, your horse.

You’ve got a good thing going, and you want to know how to make it even better! Well, there are plenty of ways to accomplish real breakthroughs, real progress, and real partnership.

Now, you truly care a lot about your horse. That’s why you spend time with him, sneak him an extra treat once in a while, and make sure to keep him active, happy and healthy. Like Pat Parelli says, it’s important to offer love, language & leadership in equal doses. With Valentine’s Day approaching, love is in the air. But how do you achieve the language and leadership?

Keep your horse mentally and physically engaged! If your horse isn’t responding to the same games and exercises as much as he used to, it’s time to spice it up a bit! Stay progressive, and ask around for suggestions. Parelli Connect is a great place to find information & education – not to mention affording you the chance to chat with thousands and thousands of Parelli members!

Respect and mutual understanding are the foundations of every great relationship. How can you make sure you and your horse are speaking the same language? Well, a Horsenality™/Humanality™ Match Report is a pretty darn good way to start. The more you learn about your horse, the more effective your communication will be. Once you’ve achieved that, the sky’s the limit for you two!

From now through Valentine’s Day, we want to do everything we can to help you and your horse to become even better partners! That’s why we’re offering 15% off all Horsenality, Humanality & Match Reports through Valentine’s Day, February 14! Additionally, Parelli is also holding a Perfect Match Contest on their official Facebook fan page. Simply comment on the note titled “Perfect Match Contest” and share the most fulfilling part of your relationship with your horse. By doing so, you enter to win a Halter & Lead Combo in the color combination of your choice.

Valentine’s Day is about more than just candy and roses and Cupid. It’s about taking time to appreciate those you care for – including your perfect partner. He’s at the barn, and he can’t wait to see you!

About Parelli
Parelli Natural Horsemanship’s goal is to help raise the level of horsemanship worldwide for the benefit of horses and the people who love them. By practicing the Parelli program to gain an understanding of equine psychology and effective communication skills, horsemen of all disciplines and skill levels are able to build solid, reliable foundations with their horses. From recreational trail riders to Olympic-level dressage riders, hundreds of thousands of horse owners around the world use the Parelli method and the results speak for themselves. Founded by Pat and Linda Parelli, Parelli Natural Horsemanship is now the world’s most popular horsemanship education program, with campuses in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia and students in dozens of additional countries. For more information about Parelli Natural Horsemanship, including educational videos, articles, training tools, horsemanship diaries and more, visit the Parelli Savvy Club membership site www.parelliconnect.com