The Savvy Summit

The Savvy Summit

September 8-10th, 2017

Every year, passionate and dedicated Parelli students make their way to Colorado for the annual Savvy Summit.
Here is where you see what Pat and Linda have been working on, you have a front row seat for the latest breakthroughs, their top students, their superstar horses.
Here is where you take your learning to a new level… your dreams to new heights… your connections to friends and horse-family to new depths.
This is our home and we love having you here! Come join us for an amazing weekend loving horses, learning how to be better for them, connecting with people as passionate as you about making this a better world for horses… one owner, one rider, one horseman at a time. We’ve already changed the world, now we just need to keep getting better!

Here’s a sneaky peek at the 2017 program Can’t wait to see you here!

Pat & Linda

The most exciting place to be this September is at…
The Parelli 2017 SUMMIT!

The theme this year is:
East Meets West: FreeStyle Meets Finesse

Western riding… English riding… Agility… Versatility
The Similarities, The Differences, The Synergy,
& Incredible Advantage of a Superior Foundation
…doing it all NATURALLY!

Can you imagine the amazing sessions, lessons & spectacles you’re going to experience?
Take home more savvy, motivation so you can do more of what you dream of with your horse!

Every day, more and more Parelli students are becoming interested in taking their horsemanship skills and passion into a more specialized direction –

Western Dressage, Cowboy Dressage, Ranch Horse Versatility, Cutting, Reining, English Dressage, Jumping, Eventing, Competitive Trail, Horse Agility, and more!

Some of you are attracted to the Western ways while others lean more to the English styles. At the 2017 Summit, we’re going to have a lot of fun exploring the roots, and how your foundation of FreeStyle and Finesse so beautifully prepare you and your horse for more specialized fun!

Here is what you can look forward to!

  • Discover what English and Western riding have in common.
  • What are the differences that can help us rather than divide us?

Everyone knows that if you ride English or Western, you never look at the other side. And as Pat says: “ If you ride Western, don’t look at English… and if you ride English, don’t look at Western… goodness knows, you might learn something!”

  • English riders are elegant, collected, graceful, powerful. Their horses are elevated, suspended, round, gaits flowing beautifully into each other. The riders sit tall and motionless, with invisible aids, floating with their horse.
  • Western riders know how to stop a horse, have snappier transitions, guide with their legs more than their reins. Their horses gallop, stop, slide, spin, and even seem to be a lot less spooky! The riders flow in balance and harmony, unaffected by the extreme changes in speed and direction.

How can you teach your horse performance moves on the ground?
Through On Line and Liberty… there’s SO much you can start teaching your horse about your intended specialization.

  • Transitions, stops, spins, flying changes, hunt the jump, pirouettes, the possibilities are inspiring and apply to any sport specialization you can think of!

How does FreeStyle morph into the Western sports?
Learn how to use…

  • More leg, less hands
  • Focus your horse on a target
  • Get better stops and turns (the Power of Performance Patterns!)
  • Develop the Bridle Horse

How does Finesse morph into the English sports?

  • Precision builds elegance
  • Moving beyond isolations of leg and rein
  • Adding power
  • Developing brilliance

Mix it up – what happens when English riders get on Western sport horses… and vice versa!!

In amongst all the excitement showing how the sports develop from the foundation, you’ll also learn…

  • To become a better leader (with Linda)
  • What the Parelli Foundation Blueprint is (with Pat)
  • See Special Guests at our fantastic Breakout Sessions:
    • Dr. Patrick Handley
    • Martin Black & Dr. Peters
    • Incredible new simulators
    • Mix, mingle, shop, dance, eat, and more…!

The 2017 Summit is once again going to be ground breaking.

Come join us… expand your knowledge, your savvy, come away more inspired and motivated than you can imagine to keep your horse passion ALIVE & GROWING!

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