Level 2 On Line
The Secret of Connection, from On Line to Liberty

1 Week
July 20-24, 2015

The best way to connect with a horse is from the ground. This is where you can look each other in the eye, read body language, teach with clarity, and gauge your horse’s comprehension. This course is designed especially to advance your Level 2 skills On Line, moving to longer lines and more challenging tasks, and preparing you and your horse for Liberty in the round corral – the ultimate test of connection.

This is the ideal course for Parelli students advancing through the Levels pathway, as well as those who wish to specialize with horses on the ground.

Prerequisites: Level 1 by Official Audition, or equivalent, OR participation in the 1-week Level 1 On Line course July 13-17.

Course Instructor:
Susan Nelson – 3-Star Instructor

My name is Susan Nelson, and I am a 3-Star Instructor and Horse Development Specialist. I have been a Parelli student since 1995, and a Parelli Professional since 2003. I have taught all over the U.S. and a handful of international locations. I have assisted courses at the Parelli Center, but this is my first year being the lead instructor.

The Level 2 On Line course will further challenge you and develop the connection with your horse, with more positive responses and more distance to test your leadership. This course is where you and your horse start to really have a language to play and have fun with!

Application and Logistics

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