Are you interested in truly understanding what makes your horse tick? You’ve seen the WOW, prepare yourself to learn the HOW during this course which is designed specifically to help you build your mutual communication skills through love, language, and leadership.

Get to know your horse as the prey animal he is, then learn how to bring out his natural partnership side by understanding the power of psychology – versus traditional methods of force, fear, or intimidation.

What This Course Will Cover:

  • Use a “bigger brain” rather than “bigger bit” training approach
  • Understand your horse as a prey animal
  • Build mutual communication through love, language, and leadership
  • The power of psychology versus force, fear or intimidation

Prices in GBP:

  • Early Bird (members only) – £520
  • Retail –    £800
  • Bronze – £640
  • Silver –    £560
  • Gold –     £400

Prerequisites: All Levels – must know the Parelli Seven Games

Course Bookings: Ph: 0800 0234 813 or 02476 692 888 | ukcourses@localhost

Logistics & Venue: Thsi course will take place at Brandy House Farm. Click HERE for information for housing, meals, and horse board.